Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Ultrasound

So why focus on Ultrasound? I’m sure there are a lot of other projects Care Net needs done that could be beneficial. The thing is, an ultrasound is as much of a machine as it is an argument being brought to a would-be mother. Is it worth it to have an abortion?

Here are a few tidbits on ultrasound. The machine uses sound waves to bounce off parts off a person’s body (and if she’s pregnant a baby’s body too) and give a 3D or even 4D (3D with movement) image on a screen. What I think is so cool about this is that as far as I’ve read, ultrasound is completely safe and there are no health hazards either to the baby or the mother. The sites below are just a few of the sources I use.

Care Net offers this complex machine FREE. That in and of itself is impressive. Pro-choice activists may splutter all they want about how restrictions should be placed on organizations giving free ultrasounds (and they do)…here’s the deal ‘though. If someone is pro-abortion, but at the same time says women need to make their own choice, and there is an opportunity for someone to get a free, safe ultrasound, for heaven’s sake let them make a choice! Don’t fight against organizations that actually give ultrasounds for women in the attempt to stop convincing them to keep the baby; ‘cuz people, that’s what it does.

Does Care Net have a purpose with the ultrasound? I should say so! And yes, as many PP organizations fear, CN machines have convinced women who originally wanted to have an abortion to keep their babies. Care Net is not just about saving physical lives, but also spiritual lives. It is a ministry, not a full blown medical facility. Does this mean that they are somehow “cheating” by playing with a woman’s emotions with ultrasound pictures? Let me ask this; what does an ultrasound display? The facts. It is a tool to help a woman see what she is about to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Since a woman can’t see a baby inside her, ultrasound merely gives her a glimpse into what her decisions will lead to.

Here‘s the difference between Planned Parenthood‘s ultrasound uses and CN‘s. PP’s ultrasounds are meant for the doctor. Because abortion clinics are businesses, they want to see how old the baby is, what kind of procedure is needed, and ultimately how much money should they get for it all. The longer the pregnancy, the more costly abortions get. CN doesn’t do that. Ultrasound images are given to the mother; one of the more obvious reasons being that it’s her baby being dealt with! Note: that does not mean by any standards that the baby is somehow part of the mother. It has a life of its own.

Let me emphasize this: Care Net is a non-profit organization. If they give someone a free ultrasound, by all means support it. If anyone have doubts about the counseling Care Net gives about life and abortions, I won’t shoot him. But at least admit that if it is necessary for a woman to see what life is inside her in order to make a true, now-educated choice, let her see.

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