Saturday, March 27, 2010


How many deaths of Mothers are there in abortions? Here’s a quote I picked up, “In the years when there was an accurate reporting procedure, Oregon reported 14 deaths per 100,000 legal compared with Maryland’s 40 deaths per 100,000 abortions.”

Note: since many statistics range a bit according to actual count,bias, or different years in which procedures and polls were taken, I will stick to deaths caused during and after legal abortions (including suicide and post-abortion health issues), which will be discussed a little later.

Think of it this way: abortion is legal in every state, so take a number say, ten deaths of mothers having abortions in every state for every 100,000 abortions. Now America is obviously not the only country with legal abortions so take a count of countries. Here’s a map of statistics.

From what I counted there are at least thirty countries where abortion is legal for social, economic, or “just because” reasons.

Since 1973 there have been more than 50 million abortions committed by the U.S. alone (legally). Now how many mothers does that make who lost their lives during this legalized procedure? Hmm. Take the fraction ten out of 100,000 and multiply it by 50,000,000 aaannnd… that’s five thousand women. Now since the other twenty nine countries or so don’t have the same population as the U.S., OR our magnificent health care, let’s be generous and multiply 5,000 of U.S. women by…twenty; to make the whole sum of women in the world. That’s one hundred thousand women who have died in the world from abortion related procedures since 1973 (legally).

What is one hundred THOUSAND people to you? I’m thinking that’s about what, one seventh the population of Seattle? How about the entire city of Bend Oregon? Or a third of Tacoma? These are just the women, people! And frankly, I’m sure most abortion clinics aren’t honest about their maternal (legal) fatality rates. And it’s not just “legals,” even more women die from illegal abortions. So the excuse is often, “well women do it anyway so we might as well legalize it and not oppose their choices.” Uh-uh. We’re fighting to end abortion, period. And we’re fighting to save women from drastic life threatening situations, period. So women do it anyway huh? What about rape? Lots of people do that, so should we as the compassionate American people legalize rape? I’m blown off my rocker!

Tens of thousands of women have died during or after an abortion due to depression and horror at what they've done. All for what? Some people blame “pro-lifers” for having no compassion on the women, only the children. Who’s got the blood on their hands?

Note: some may object to this post because health care is claimed to be so much safer nowadays and these are outdated facts. (Some do come from 2004-2005 statistics). Again this includes women who've died after aborted pregnancies from related causes. The details of numbers of suicides and others may be seen in a little while. It is not our intention to depress our readers, but to urge them on to continue this struggle that has been fought for decades.

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