Success Stories

Success Story 1

Jeannette, Miguel, Steven Michael
Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center, Hawthorne, New Jersey
Miguel and I were working as counselors at a summer camp when I began to suspect that I was pregnant. There was no way for us to know for sure, so we kept it a secret for the rest of the summer. As soon as we got home, I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. We knew we couldn't put it off anymore, but neither of us felt ready to tell our parents.
I looked in the phone book for someone that we could talk to about pregnancy and options. I found an ad for Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center that said, "Pregnant & Scared?" This was, in fact, exactly how I felt. At that time, I was strongly considering the possibility of abortion. I was so ashamed that I was thinking about taking the easy way out that Miguel had to make the call. He called and we ended up speaking with a woman for an hour. She then gave us an appointment to come in and talk to counselors.
When we arrived we were greeted with warmth and understanding. I was given the opportunity to speak with a female peer counselor and Miguel talked with a male counselor. I felt so comfortable there, all of these emotions just came pouring out. I was able to honestly express my fears and concerns. My peer counselor walked me through all of my options. She gave me lots of information and pamphlets on each of my options. She also told me about a nearby center that offered free ultrasounds. I knew that I wanted to see the ultrasound.
We went together, and the moment we saw our baby on the screen, we knew that we had to consider what was best for our unborn child, as well as ourselves. We called our counselors at Lighthouse, told them that we were going to keep the baby, and asked for their help and guidance.
Lighthouse became a source of strength as well as information. They helped us make a hospital appointment, sign up for Medicaid, and even helped us through the process of telling our parents. In addition, Miguel's counselor was really mentoring him and helping him prepare to become a dad, while my counselor was helping me prepare for motherhood.
Soon after, our son, Steven Michael was born. We will always be thankful for our local Care Net center. Lighthouse helped us become the people we have always wanted to be. 
“I would simply like to say that without the guidance of the Lighthouse family we would not be the strong, confident and loving new parents we are now going to be. Thank you for being our light and helping us step out of the darkness. Thank you.” – Miguel

Success Story 2

Rachael & Alora
Choose Life, Huntsville, Alabama
When I found out I was pregnant, I panicked. At the time, I was using drugs and I feared that the baby would be born with deformities or severe complications. I thought that having an abortion was my only choice. I talked with some of my co-workers, Christian ladies, who encouraged and comforted me and told me to really think about the life inside of me. I also told my boyfriend, Nick. He begged me to keep the baby, but still believing I had no other options, I scheduled an appointment anyway, and the next morning I went to an abortion clinic.

The doctor determined that I was seventeen weeks along, so I would have to undergo a two-day procedure. They inserted a material called laminaria to dilate my cervix and induce labor. I was to return the following day to have the "contents of my uterus" removed. But when they did an ultrasound to ensure that the laminaria was in place, I saw my baby! My heart melted and I knew that this was not what I wanted to do. I asked the doctor to remove the laminaria, but he refused and told me that I would "be just fine."

So, I went to the emergency room and some of the ladies from my office met me there. The doctors in the ER said they could not help me. They were kind, but told me that they could not interfere with a medical procedure that another doctor had started. One of the doctors agreed to call my doctor to ask his permission to remove the laminaria, but he refused again. The ER doctors encouraged me to return to his office and try to convince him to help me.

It was getting late and I began to think that the situation was hopeless. But then, one of the ladies from my office suggested that we go to Choose Life, a Care Net center in Huntsville. My boyfriend met us there. The center was about to close, but they invited us in to hear our story. After I explained my situation, they staff began calling local doctors. One doctor who had just started volunteering at the center said that if I could come to his office immediately, he would try to save my baby.

The doctor successfully removed the laminaria and we were able to hear our baby’s heartbeat. At that moment, I knew everything was going to be okay.
Racheal & Family
Since that day, our lives have never been the same. I received Christ as my Savior within the next few weeks and was baptized on Easter Sunday. Nick and I decided to get married, and two days before our wedding, Nick accepted Christ as his Savior! I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Alora, and two years later Nick and I became parents to another beautiful daughter.

We are so thankful for the wonderful people at Choose Life. And to anyone who is considering an abortion, I would say that it is normal to be afraid. It is normal to feel like you cannot handle the situation, but you don’t have to because God will carry it if you let Him. There is help if you will just seek it out. I could not imagine life without my daughter!

Success Story 3

Tia's Story
Pregnancy Care Center, Rocky Mountain, North Carolina
When I found I out I was pregnant, I had no idea what I was going to do. I thought there was no way I could provide for a child and decided that abortion was my only option. I went to the City Health Department looking for an abortion referral, but they suggested I go to the Pregnancy Care Center, a local Care Net center in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina. At first I was scared they were going to judge me because of my situation, but when I walked through the doors I was accepted with open arms. My peer counselor offered me hope and assurance and told me that God has a plan for everyone, and that included me and my child. She told me that God would take care of both of us if I would let Him. That day, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and chose life for my child.

The center arranged for me to have an ultrasound, which revealed that I was having twins! Excited but a little anxious, this news motivated me to begin parenting classes at the center as well as to attend a Bible Study. Through the parenting classes, I learned how to take care of myself, as well as my children. Through the Bible Study, I learned how to draw closer to God and how to make positive decisions for my future. I realized that I'm worth waiting for and have made a new commitment to remain abstinent until marriage.

Today, I am the proud mother of twins, a boy and girl, who I named Ma’chi and Ma’chiya. I plan on completing a degree in nursing and will soon begin classes.

If I could give advice to other girls that find themselves in a similar situation, I would tell them to never give up and to put all their faith in God, because with Him, anything is possible!

Success Story 4

Tina & Isabella
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County, Sierra Vista, AZ
My boyfriend said there was only one option: abortion. After all, what would our parents say? What would the people at our church think?
I obediently scheduled an appointment, but before the date arrived, I was overwhelmed with doubts. I knew I couldn't do it. Desperate for help and options, I turned to the phone book and found the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Cochise County.
I scheduled an appointment to meet with a peer counselor. They sat down with me and helped me go over all of my options, and they really listened to my needs. I didn't feel judged; I just felt cared for.
After meeting with my counselor, I knew that I wanted to keep this baby. I still had fears about how this decision was going to affect my future, but the staff from the pregnancy center was their for me throughout my pregnancy. They offered me parenting classes as well as ears to talk to,Isabella shoulders to cry on, and ready prayers.
And now, I have a beautiful little daughter Isabella. When I look at my daughter, I still cannot believe that I almost considered abortion. Life as a single mother is not bed of roses, but the love that I have for my daughter and the love that she gives to me makes it all worthwhile.
I am so thankful for the love and support I received at the Care Net center and for their continuing friendship and prayers!

Success Story 5

Rachael & Brooklyn
Assist Pregnancy Center, Annandale, Virginia
I was a high school drop-out, heroin addict, and struggling alcoholic when I found out I was pregnant. It was the last thing I wanted to hear. My boyfriend and I thought abortion was our only option, and I scheduled an appointment at an abortion clinic.
During my initial visit, they determined that I was actually four months pregnant. They told me that they could not do the abortion, but they could schedule one for me out-of-state. I decided that I wanted to see a doctor first, but because of my high risk status, every doctor I called refused to see me.

Unsure of what to do, I called a friend who recommended that I visit the Assist Pregnancy Center. There I talked with a peer counselor. I was able to express my fears and concerns. They welcomed me with warmth and compassion, and for the first time, I didn't feel panicked. They let me talk through everything and then they arranged for me to meet with a local doctor.

The doctor was an awesome Christian man who prayed with me and encouraged me, but he did tell me honestly that my baby was at high risk for addiction to heroin, low birth weight and early delivery, all of which could lead to severe complications. Feeling afraid and still unsure about what I was going to do, I went back to the pregnancy center to talk. I just poured out all of my fears. We watched a video on all of the things that could happen as a result of my drug use and IRacheal/Brooklyn just broke down. Cindy, my peer counselor, told me I could turn it all over to baby’s health, my addictions, my life. And that is what I did that day!

Despite all odds, I decided to choose life, for me and for my baby. Today, I am the proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Brooklyn. I cry almost every time I look at her. My baby gave me something to live for.

As for all of Brooklyn’s risks and complications... they completely disappeared. She is 100% healthy, and shows no signs of my previous drug use. As for me, I'm free from heroin and alcohol. And better still, I am seeking to serve my new Master, Jesus Christ, every day.

Success Story 6

Timily's Story
Pregnancy Help Center of Concho Valley, San Angelo, Texas
I was 14 years old when I found out that I was pregnant. I knew that if I told my mom, she would be extremely mad at me, so I decided not to tell her. Then I got a bad ear infection and I had to be taken to the emergency room. They did a blood test, which revealed that I was pregnant. My mother was angry, partly because of my bad decisions, but also because I hadn’t told her the truth. Immediately, she told me that I was going to have an abortion. I know she just wanted the best for me. She was 15 when I was born, and she told me she did not want me to go through the things that she did, so I did not question her decision.

My mom took me to an abortion clinic. They did not ask questions; they just told us how to schedule an appointment and how much it would cost. A little intimidated by the price, my mom thought we should look around. She had seen another advertisement for a local Care Net center called Pregnancy Help Center of Concho Valley listed in the phone book under abortion alternatives. She thought maybe this place could help us find another abortion clinic that would be less expensive.

As we drove up to the center, no lights were on, but there were cars in the parking lot. My mother left me and my dad in the car and went up to the door. My mom talked to one of the women inside, asking them if they did abortions or where she could find another abortion clinic.

After some time, my mom came back to the car with a bunch of brochures. She told us that the woman wanted to talk to me as well, but my mom thought that it was not good idea. My mom called and made an appointment for me at another abortion clinic.

The ride home was pretty tense. My mom seemed really upset. She turned on the radio really loud. The craziest thing was that every station she turned it to was playing Christian music. This seemed to make her even more upset.

A few days later, my mom took me to the abortion clinic and paid the $470 fee for the abortion. She was not allowed to come to the back room with me, so I walked through the doors with strangers. I felt scared and completely alone. They did a quick orientation to tell me what they were going to do and then did an ultrasound. They kept the machine turned away so I could not see what was on the screen. Then the doctor came in. He had a long beard and long gray hair, just like someone from ZZ Top. But before they started the procedure, one of the women from the clinic came in, spoke with the doctor, and then instructed me to put my clothes back on. They told me that the ultrasound had showed that I was five months along, further than they originially thought, and that they would need more money to perform the necessary procedure.

When I got back to the waiting room, I told my mom what had happened. She went up to the registration desk to talk to someone, but a few seconds later she turned around and told me that we were leaving and that I could not have an abortion. I was so relieved! She did not get her money back; she just grabbed my hand and we left. She kept telling me how sorry she was. Later she told me that she had seen my ultrasound picture in my file on the desk. She had heard the words of one of the women for the Pregnancy Help Center telling her that God was in control, and she knew we could not go through with it.

Later, I began to realize that I was only three and a half months along, not five. I knew that God was in control and that He had intervened. If He had not allowed them to count the months wrong, I would have stayed on that abortion table, and my mom would never have seen that ultrasound picture.

The following week we went back to the Pregnancy Help Center to thank them for their love and their prayers. They told us they had been praying for us the whole time. They were anxious to help us in any way they could. They offered maternity clothes, a crib and clothes for the baby, and lots of referrals to other local agencies. I am so thankful for everything they did for us.

On January 7, 2007, I gave birth to Damien Rose. He was two months premature and weighed only two pounds at birth. But God saw us through it, and today, he is six months old and completely healthy, receiving all of the love and attention that God had planned for his life.

Success Story 7

Sarah's Story
Liberty Women's Center, Liberty, Missouri
I was like any normal college freshman, just enjoying being young and carefree. That is, until the night that would change my life. I was raped at a party and a few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. I felt completely numb; I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had no idea what I was going to do. My roommate told me about Liberty Women’s Clinic, a nearby Care Net affiliated center that she said could help me.

At the center, they sat down with me, they listened to me, and they helped me think through all of my available options. I was so thankful for how much information they had to offer. They did not rush me; they really took the time to help me go over everything. After learning about abortion, I did not think that I could do that, but I was still scared and unsure of what to do. I went ahead and looked into a couple of local abortion clinics, but I could not shake the feeling that I was meant to have this baby.

A few days later, I went back to the pregnancy center to have an ultrasound and, when I saw my baby on that screen, I knew that in spite of my circumstances, abortion just was not an option for me. After that, I began the process of deciding whether I would parent the baby or make an adoption plan. After receiving counsel from the women at the center as well as family and friends, I decided that the best thing for me and for my baby was adoption.

After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, I was able to place her in the arms of a loving couple who I knew would adore her and provide for her as their own. I am so thankful for Liberty Women’s Clinic and the love and support they offered me. Bringing that beautiful baby girl into the world was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I discovered that I am stronger than I ever knew. And I got to see the faces of that couple. Knowing how much they were going to love her was the best part!