Saturday, March 27, 2010

Care Net

“Care Net and our network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support.”
Okay, so you’re thinking, “Alright Jonathan you are sounding like AT&T mobile by first dissing Verizon and then planting your own screwy ad in. I would have to say, Not At All. In fact there is something similar between these two organizations. Not that they’re the same, but they start with the same principle. There are women out there who have not anticipated being pregnant and they need practical help and an education of sorts. The difference is WHICH practical help do you give them and WHAT KIND of education?

Planned Parenthood calls itself a pro-choice, (or as I like to call it) “pro-death” movement. It sounds radical, but sometimes bluntness is necessary. Care Net is pro-life. They do not force women to have babies they can’t take care of. Instead they refer them to doctors and adoption centers where the children can be taken care of. “Free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, parenting classes, and material assistance are just some of the many services offered that empower women to choose life.”

This is an organization that encourages Christ’s calling to populate and subdue the earth. Babies aren’t considered dispensable or unwanted property that end up being a burden to care for. It explains why an abortion can cause so much pain in a would be parent’s life for killing all the joy and life that comes from having a child. Care Net also gives an education. Not Real Sex Ed like PP, but an education on how to be a parent to a child. People can’t imagine what it is like to have their own child in their arms without it actually happening to them. Do not be mistaken, parenting IS a very hard job, but killing an innocent child by no means is a solution to the problem.

Ultimately, Care Net means to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ to the nations. He doesn’t want His creation to rid itself of its own existence, He wants the returned love, praise and faith for the sacrifice He made to rid the earth of sin and death. Is this so hard to choose over having an abortion?

Here are some videos of Care Net and their ministry.

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