Thursday, October 6, 2011


Nobody could possibly know from this video that those who "changed their perspectives" on abortion were sincere, but we can definitely pray that they were. Warning: there are graphic photographs throughout this documentary. However, I encourage EVERYONE to watch the whole thing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Benefit Concert

Here's the big project we've been planning. A benefit concert for CareNet, a local pregnancy resource center!! It will take place February 3rd, 2012, at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA. We hope to raise at least $4,000, for them to use in whatever way they see fit.

Ways you can help:

  • We are only having students performing, so if you are musically gifted, you are a student, and you live near Tacoma or Gig Harbor, Washington, we'd love to see what you can do!
  • If you know someone who lives near here that is a student musician, let them know about this chance!
  • If you are not a musician, are not a student, or do not have the time, we hope you can still attend the concert as part of the audience!
  • If you are not close enough to be there, we still accept donations!
If you would be willing to help in any of these ways, email me at manuscriptna(at)gmail(dot)com. Please consider helping out!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another convert!

Just recently, the manager of a Planned Parenthood office in Sherman, Texas resigned due to prayers and God's tugging at her heart. Also, the $34+ million that was going to Planned Parenthood was struck down! These two events caused the Sherman office to close down. Praise be to God! Here is a video with most of the details:

If you want to read the full article from 40 Days For Life, go here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Why are people SO willing to be certain in the midst of uncertainty on the most crucial issues? If you ask two different pro-choice advocates when life begins, there is a good chance they will give two different answers, whether its this many months after conception or directly after birth. However, neither will be willing to say that their opinion is based on a final, once-and-for-all proven verdict. Rather if they are educated they will concede that the facts are still "debatable" simply because others have THEIR opinions to contend with. In fact, they may both say that they just don't know. Do they realize what consequences they're toying with? If you tell them two and two make five based on your mathematical opinion they'll ask if you're from Mars, because no logical human being on earth would ever believe you. One reason no logical human being on earth would ever believe you is because if two and two made five none of our planes would be flying. But when it comes to abortion, women's rights are all they will talk about regardless if abortion is murder. If that's the best justification they can give for aborting babies, who for all they know are real people, then I can prove that two and two make five. Want to know how? Evolution!

Instead of listing sample sites or texts, I encourage readers to look up this debate. Start with Roe vs. Wade if you want. I gaurantee it's everywhere.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


At this moment, 40 Days For Life is doing a webcast with Abby Johnson and a new former Planned Parenthood employee. Lots of good news is being revealed right now. Check it out!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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Friday, August 5, 2011


A while back we considered some of the major costs abortion has caused our society and economy as a whole. While we may blanch at the statistics it isn't as though they were caused by some unforeseen and unrelated design. Rather, the realm of politics and the influence of money and power has so shaped our culture that many people tend not to see the future consequences of their actions.

Ours is a country of the here and now. If you are not at all convinced by this statement let me remind you in what a predicament your country is in. The U.S. economic bubble burst long ago and our economy is still feeling the aftershocks from an ever weakening market. We have spent more than we can afford and have left the debt bills to my generation and those generations soon to follow. I am not exceedingly bitter over the matter, but the fact is that nobody has looked out for the children of future generations. Rather they have spent all on themselves and invested in non-existent profits.

Now with that little sidetrack out of the way, here's the issue. As I've said before, these facts should not be wholly unexpected. And the facts are:

1. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S. of A.
2. Tax payer money supports Planned Parenthood (willingly or otherwise).
3. Planned Parenthood possesses lobbyists, which are always ready at the doors of Washington D.C. to pass new bills and gain support for its cause.
4. Planned Parenthood is currently in high favor with many government officials.

You'll notice I didn't write a fifth fact. The reason is because we first must answer a question that should immediately jump out at you upon reading the second and fourth facts. And that question is, "Why?" Why is an abortion provider recieving $360 million annually in government funds to fuel its butchering industry? Is it because most government officials in the House and Congress are pro-choice? Is it because they are sympathetic to women's monopolized health care providers? Is it because they simply want what's best for women?

I'm convinced many would say "yes" to all of the above. Besides, they might argue that there's nothing currently wrong with our monopolized health care providers. But there may be something more sinister, even more controversial than these issues.

5. "Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America are considered the most active lobbyists on the pro-choice side of the issue, as well as the most generous contributors to federal candidates, parties and committees."

Which federal candidates, parties, and committees you may ask? Liberal ones.

"Abortion-rights groups continue to give far more contributions and spend far more on lobbying than their anti-abortion opponents." This message was brought to you by your friendly inquisitor Open Secrets.

Now, I see no problem whatsoever in gaining governmental support for a controversial issue. However, there is no legitimate reason for having the government FUND an organization whether pro-life or pro-choice. That is to say, let pro-lifers pay out of their own pockets and pro-choicers out of theirs. The utter hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood in particular is that it recieves tax-payer dollars from pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike. THEN, they take some of that money and give it to their favorite liberal politicians, who out of the benevolence of their hears will strive to give pro-choice organizations "good deals" via legislation. Now with a pocket full of cash, the liberals can campaign once again for a seat in Congress.

Does Care Net perform the same atrocities? Not with pure donations it can't! In the political system (or any other system), Care Net doesn't steal from pro-choice activists through taxation or any other means. It is honest debating, not bribery.

This in large part is why some if not most liberal government officials support pro-choice organizations. And since they currently dominate Congress and the White House, it is no wonder that the pro-choice side is thriving in the midst of a recession. Read between the lines! Politicians do not habitually create charity funds to support other groups. Their first priority is their livelihood and sometimes popularity. If they have to circulate (steal) tax payer dollars to get ahead, some are willing to do it. The sad fact is, lives are lost simply because a House member thinks his butt would feel really good in a particular chair for another two years.

Monday, July 18, 2011


HEK-293. Human Embryo Kidney cells, and only on the 293rd experiment. Aborted babies. 293 of them, just to help create a flavor enhancer.


I know, the title doesn't seem to be remotely relevant, but it is. PepsiCo has partnered with the biotech company Senomyx, which uses aborted fetal cells for researching and developing artificial flavor enhancers. Several pro-life organizations are boycotting PepsiCo. Read more about it here:

What can YOU do about it? Email PepsiCo here: or email Senomyx itself: You can also avoid purchasing or using PepsiCo products, and you can find a list of them here:

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We've covered quite a few issues dealing with moral, spiritual, emotion, and physical aspects of abortion. I find however, that numbers always seem to fascinate me as much or more than the former, partly because I have been brought up with the understanding that from a Christian perspective, there is something fundamentally flawed with abortion. But what if we were to fight on a different front? What if somebody disregarded your arguments as Christian bigotry, no matter how convincing? I'm not saying that God's Word and Holy Spirit are not powerful enough to change a man's perspective and/or life, but there must be an alternative way to argue that can convince even the staunchest pro-choice apologist. And there is.

Math has never been my favorite subject. Like many things in life, I have to actually work to understand it. But as a defender of human rights, including those of the unborn, math is your friend. I'm hoping in these next two or three articles to cover more economical, statistical, and political approaches to the pro-life cause. These hopefully will give some readers a better understanding of how to fight the enemy on his own turf. My primary goal is to explain what abortion has done to the nation as a whole and why our government is in favor of continually supporting the industry. Take emotion and God completely out of the picture and you're left with a calculator.

Let's begin in appendix 1 of E. Calvin Beisner's 1990 Prospects For Growth. There are a few statistics provided by history professor Allan C. Carlson, who in 1988 calculated that an average person costs from birth to eighteen, and then from 65 until death around $192,600 (remember that key word "average"). This figure stands regardless whether one person was employed and another wasn't.

"But the same average person will occasion the production directly and indirectly, of goods and services with average worth, if a male, of $55,277 per year; if a female, of $26,680 per year every year from age eighteen to age sixty-five."

This according to Beisner meant the average male produced $2,598,019 worth of goods and services during his lifetime, and a female, $1,253,960 in her lifetime. Now subtract the cost of each individual from what he/she produces and as a net worth to society the average male produces $2,405,419 in goods and the female, $1,061,360. Do you kind of get the drift? That's a lot of money from ONE male and ONE female in the early 1990's. Since then the dollar's value has plummeted drastically due to inflation, and has traded quality for quantity.

By 2005 the abortion industry was claiming the lives of some 1.2 million babies annually. This according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute statistics was a decrease from 1990's 1.5-1.6 million abortions. Yet researcher Dennis M. Howard still claimed that abortions have cost the U.S. GDP more than $35 trillion! To me that seems a bit of an exaggeration. Averages are never fully accurate. Nevertheless, I would not doubt it is in the trillions. Beisner calculated in 1990 that by 2007 the combined annual loss to society would reach $542,054,670,000 and continue to grow. Remember that these would be in constant 1987 dollars. And it's not just the general public that loses. Taxes are another issue.The federal revenue by Beisner's calculations would lose $108,410,930,000 annually by 2007. By 2017 (just a few years away) those losses would exceed $1 trillion annually to society and about $200 billion to federal revenue.

Again and for the last time I want to emphasize that these are averages. There are still factors that may or may not have been brought into the equation such as natural disasters, diseases which may wipe out a part of the population, birth rates of different races, etc. It can never be fully accurate. One statistic provided below claims that 50.5 million abortions have cost the nation $35-$70 trillion. Playing around with that many numbers sounds suspicious. However, every statistic I found exceeds $3 trillion. Wanna know what 1 trillion looks like? I encourage you to go to this site and find out: . Notice that these are 100 dollar bills, not 1 dollar bills.

Here are other interesting facts I found off the wonderful web. "1 trillion dollars can fund the military of every NATO country combined." "1 trillion dollars can pay for every U.S. military intervention and war since 9/11." And of course there are a lot more.

Now with these diagrams in your mind, try to picture $3 trillion. And if you're more confident than I am in Dennis M. Howard, try to imagine $35 trillion! The point is, these numbers should be sobering. And the fact that generations produce more generations means that economic losses from 50 million abortions are incalculable. -