Saturday, March 27, 2010


So you may be wondering, “Who are these kids and why on earth should I spend my time reading their blog?” The fact is we’re teenagers (just like many of you) who have written a blog (just like many of you), BUT have a special purpose in mind. Our ideas about Care Net and other causes originate from two Christian twins, Alex and Brett Harris, who challenge teenagers all over the world to free themselves from their chains.

“Come to the point, I don’t have chains!”

The chains we’re talking about are those of comfort, inactivity, the same ol’ same ol’. Alex and Brett encourage teens to “Do Hard Things,” which is their book published recently. Although doing hard things may at first sound coarse, irritating, boring, or just downright intolerable, there are immense benefits that are produced from it. The fact is there is a mindset among post modern people that teenagers are no good for anything, eat like pigs, and watch T.V. all day. We challenge you for one to prove these people wrong, but ultimately to work to God’s glory as His creation. To learn more about the Harris brothers and their Rebelution, here is a website you can go to.

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