Saturday, March 27, 2010

Planned Parenthood

Most if not all teenagers recognize the words Planned Parenthood, an organization used in many parts to give “freedom” to women by aborting unwanted babies or “fetuses.” As Christians, we are naturally appalled by this legal form of killing, but to others the significance is not felt so strongly. Obviously to an unbeliever it is natural to want a woman to do what she wants and not be prevented to get rid of a burden by those “extremists.” Planned Parenthood seems at first to be a just cause, however let’s look a little deeper into the organizations purposes.

“Our goal is to ensure every individual has access to preventive reproductive healthcare and education in order to make thoughtful and responsible decisions regarding sexuality and parenthood”-
First of all, there is the obvious question about parenthood that is “planned” or “decided.” What is the definition of a parent? If they just wanted to get to the point, why not say, “responsible decisions regarding sexuality and not dealing with being a parent.”
Secondly, let’s give the Christian prospective. “Our goal is to ensure every individual has access to preventive reproductive…STOP! -excuse me? Here is the direct statement from Genesis 1:28 as God is talking to Adam and Eve, “And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…”-ESV Maybe there’s a slight contradiction to say the least.
Okay, but that was only one quote off some random Internet site. You can’t tell me that All Planned Parenthood is as you describe it. Well read this off of another website:
“Women must be able to access health care without fear of violence, harassment, or intimidation.”
From all reports it seems that the women who become pregnant are more afraid of that fact than anything else. Intimidation? The only intimidation is the fact that they will be sorely humiliated if “found out” by parents and the like. And we can sympathize with them. Obviously it is a heavy burden that no one wants to carry, but is killing a baby the answer?
Here are some “Key Issues” discussed on a Planned Parenthood blog:

Affordable Birth Control and Other Preventive Care
Protecting Abortion Access
Ensuring Health Care Access
Expanding Global Reproductive Rights
Fighting for Real Sex Ed
Opposing Attacks on Women’s Health

Affordable Birth Control? Let me just say that there is no price on a human life except that which Christ paid on a horrific cross. Apparentally killing somebody is getting too expensive nowadays. (Maybe it's the inflation problem going around).
The whole twist on Global Reproductive Rights is that nothing is being “reproduced.” It is a nice way of saying, “if you have an unborn kid you don’t want, we’ll...take care of him for a price.”
Fighting for Real Sex Education makes no sense if you want to abort a baby. If intercourse is something that happens BEFORE the baby is to be born, why educate people about it, unless you want people to pay you for their having intercourse?
What looks like true freedom of making decisions ends up being a money grabbing organization that makes outrageous claims of Women’s Rights to murder their own children. Furthermore, anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an “extremist.”
“Anti-choice extremists do everything they can to prevent women and men from taking charge of their lives. If these radicals truly were concerned about women and families, they would work with Planned Parenthood to reduce unintended pregnancy in the first place by doing the only thing that works — increasing access to affordable birth control and comprehensive sex education.”
Sad isn’t it. The point is we truly are concerned for those “women and families” because you can’t have “women and families” if they’re being aborted!!!
Now Planned Parenthood isn’t the only organization out there “planning” whether women give birth or not. The other one, which we are currently supporting is called Care Net, and it is now time to delve into this group a little bit.

Here's one of many inside videos into what PP is like. If you haven't figured already, these kids told a fake stories to the faculty with hidden cameras and recorders to give you a glimpse of the facilities and their members. This investigation has not remained in one area, but throughout multiple states. Investigation of medical lies and manipulation at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Indiana, Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood -Health Systems of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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