Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Next?

What is the motivation of pro-choice activists? I read pro-abortion/feminist blogs and planned parenthood websites and all that comes out of them are anger, malice, defiance, and indignation. An exception is made when they talk about people being happy in relationships and having healthy bodies (i.e. this quote came up multiple times in a general PP website, "Only you can decide what is best for you. And we are here to help"). There is a kind of arrogance that follows these people around. Here are a couple examples starting with this bit of news on St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Pheonix.

In summary, St. Joseph's is Catholic in origin. When senior administrator Sister Margaret McBride approved of an abortion in order to save the mother's life, McBride was excommunicated by Bishop Olmstead and St. Joseph's was no longer considered Catholic by a number of people. Olmstead argued that doctors had not tried to save the life of mother and baby.

Now I really don't know who's right in this event. It doesn't sound like Olmstead is a doctor (therefore not an authority), nor do I see any reason why doctors would WANT to have the baby aborted other than to save the mother's life. But I digress.

A couple days ago I looked up a pro-choice blog called Alas, a Blog. Besides the confusing title it had a snippet from the Washington Post about this story and then commented below.

"The Catholic Church should get out of the hospital business. Their religion forbids them from providing necessary care; that means they shouldn’t be involved with running hospitals at all."

Rrrright. In fact while we're at it, let's remove Catholic Church influence out of all our school systems. Then we'll get rid of their presence in technological and political fields so that they don't have any say in providing limited care. Isn't this a free country? Doesn't religion only hamper our free minded policies?

Oh I forgot to mention. there is a Phoenix Baptist Hospital in town. If this same situation had happened there what would be the reaction? No difference, except that Catholics would stay and Protestants would be flushed down the toilet marked "For Bigots."

Then there's this little article from Feministe about some TV show called 16 & Pregnant, "I’m also sure that the young women who have abortions will not be warmly received by many members of the "pro-life” community...It’s important for women to know that no matter what their story and what reproductive choices they make, they are supported." Just for the record, some of you might be wondering if I look specifically for a couple of these quotes to eek out what little material I find and then nail the authors with counterarguments. The answer is "no." My examples above are just a fraction of the material I could use. If you take the time with some of the links below you'll see that this emotional factor is everywhere. I really feel as if somehow I persecute women after reading this garbage.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seattle Abortion Clinic Closes!

On Monday, November 15th, Seattle's very first abortion clinic-Cedar Women's Clinic, opened over 31 years ago-was closed down. According to Beverly Whipple, one of the clinic's founders, "There isn't the patient volume for two main providers." The other provider is Planned Parenthood. The Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger says this is "great news for women and their pre-born babies" because of a "dramatic decrease in the demand for abortions." The facts seem to support this statement.
  • The Washington State Health Department says that the abortion rate for all women aged 15-44 used to be 18 per 1,000 in 2008, and is 16.7 per 1,000 now.
  • There have been 22,642 abortions in Washington, a 6.7 percent decrease since last year.
  • Operation Rescue found that over two-thirds of the amount of American abortion clinics in 1991 (2,100) have closed.
  • The current rate of abortion clinics' closing in the past year is about 2 per month!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I know I keep harping on 40 Days For Life, but...who cares? Out of all Pro-life organizations it is definitely one to keep in touch with. Does this following article fit into my series which you're probably dying to be done with by now? Yes, but this is an argument with your own mind rather than a fellow human being.

A few weeks ago, about the same time that the words "Seattle abortion clinic shut down" caught my eyes, I was told that 40 DFL had saved 9 lives through prayer and petition. All said and done, one might be tempted to be discouraged. "After all," you think, "aren't millions of abortions actively supported annually in the U.S. alone?"

To teenagers the ratio of nine to millions is quite a gap. As young people we tend to view the world subjectively and not consider those few children that were saved. But think about it for a moment. In a few years nine will have turned into nineteen, then thirty-five, then fifty, etc. This brings up an interesting question: just how many lives were saved? The number could be endless.

Do not think there are slim pickings among the fruits of our labor. Such doubting leads to despair and leaves a person wondering why he even bothers being actively Pro-life. This is one of those times that the future is on our side. I by no means want to disregard or forget those babies who have suffered at the hands of abortionists, but it is still very possible one day to tip the scales of the number of aborted children versus the ones who were saved. Wouldn't it be something if just those nine babies started it all?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good News + Good News=

First the update. About two weeks ago John Leslie, a campaign director of the 40 Days For Life, emailed to say that an abortion clinic nearest U.W. in Seattle has completely shut down! I realize this news has been circulating now for the better half of a month but better to write late than never. Let's hope more abortion clinics soon follow suit. Say, "Hasta la bye bye!"

Let's keep a continuous stream of petition going up to heaven and laying our prayers at the Lord's feet. God is doing marvels!

Second is our new members. We soon hope to get a few of our freshmen an opportunity to write on Worth Fighting For. However, they will be using wordpress instead of blogspot. As soon as they are ready we will provide the link to their site. Meanwhile we will continue to read, learn, and write as time allows.


We sincerely apologize that updates to this blog have not been made more frequently. Junior year and holiday seasons just don't mix well time wise. We will be re-organizing our writing schedule and trying to get things posted on a weekly basis. Thanks for your patience.