Saturday, March 27, 2010

History Lesson 2

We have discussed briefly the origination of systems like Planned Parenthood and how Margaret Sanger's work played a key role in legalizing abortion in 1973. If your motto is, “The ends justify the means,” you may not want to read this article. Sanger’s original work is one of the main causes of more than forty million murders up to this day. If her “means” were bad enough (not just murder, but as I described earlier; murder of particular races) how much worse were the “ends” (a society which operates abortions almost anywhere in the country)? Care Net’s founders fortunately do not have that history on their shoulders. Let’s see how their history differs from those of the “pro-choice” movement.

In 1975, just two years after the Roe vs. Wade debate, evangelicals Dr. Harold O.J. Brown, his wife, Dr. C. Everett Koop, and theologian Francis Schaeffer put together an organization called the Christian Action Council (CAC). This system was bent solely on battling abortion and its advocates, but only through education. It was in 1980 that CAC was ready to open its first pregnancy center in Baltimore Maryland in active defiance of the abortion clinics which were spreading rapidly across the United States. They did not act alone, but supported crisis pregnancy centers in later years and were joined by the emerging Focus on the Family, among others. By about 1993-1994ish CAC had renamed itself Care Net and spread to multiple states incorporating more and more volunteers. To the present day Care Net supports over 1,000 centers in the U.S. What is more amazing is that it was and is a non-profit organization.

What has Care Net done? Care Net has saved thousands of lives, including a few mothers. It has been the means by which some women have professed faith in Christ, and displayed the love of Christ to others in their ministry. What has abortion done? Murdered babies and mothers (whether legal or illegal), become a consumer of citizen income, degraded the treatment of fetuses to that of an animal or even mindless tissue, and perverted unwanted pregnancies to that of a mere inconvenience or embarrassment. That's history for you!

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