Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Next?

What is the motivation of pro-choice activists? I read pro-abortion/feminist blogs and planned parenthood websites and all that comes out of them are anger, malice, defiance, and indignation. An exception is made when they talk about people being happy in relationships and having healthy bodies (i.e. this quote came up multiple times in a general PP website, "Only you can decide what is best for you. And we are here to help"). There is a kind of arrogance that follows these people around. Here are a couple examples starting with this bit of news on St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Pheonix.

In summary, St. Joseph's is Catholic in origin. When senior administrator Sister Margaret McBride approved of an abortion in order to save the mother's life, McBride was excommunicated by Bishop Olmstead and St. Joseph's was no longer considered Catholic by a number of people. Olmstead argued that doctors had not tried to save the life of mother and baby.

Now I really don't know who's right in this event. It doesn't sound like Olmstead is a doctor (therefore not an authority), nor do I see any reason why doctors would WANT to have the baby aborted other than to save the mother's life. But I digress.

A couple days ago I looked up a pro-choice blog called Alas, a Blog. Besides the confusing title it had a snippet from the Washington Post about this story and then commented below.

"The Catholic Church should get out of the hospital business. Their religion forbids them from providing necessary care; that means they shouldn’t be involved with running hospitals at all."

Rrrright. In fact while we're at it, let's remove Catholic Church influence out of all our school systems. Then we'll get rid of their presence in technological and political fields so that they don't have any say in providing limited care. Isn't this a free country? Doesn't religion only hamper our free minded policies?

Oh I forgot to mention. there is a Phoenix Baptist Hospital in town. If this same situation had happened there what would be the reaction? No difference, except that Catholics would stay and Protestants would be flushed down the toilet marked "For Bigots."

Then there's this little article from Feministe about some TV show called 16 & Pregnant, "I’m also sure that the young women who have abortions will not be warmly received by many members of the "pro-life” community...It’s important for women to know that no matter what their story and what reproductive choices they make, they are supported." Just for the record, some of you might be wondering if I look specifically for a couple of these quotes to eek out what little material I find and then nail the authors with counterarguments. The answer is "no." My examples above are just a fraction of the material I could use. If you take the time with some of the links below you'll see that this emotional factor is everywhere. I really feel as if somehow I persecute women after reading this garbage.

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