Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good News + Good News=

First the update. About two weeks ago John Leslie, a campaign director of the 40 Days For Life, emailed to say that an abortion clinic nearest U.W. in Seattle has completely shut down! I realize this news has been circulating now for the better half of a month but better to write late than never. Let's hope more abortion clinics soon follow suit. Say, "Hasta la bye bye!"

Let's keep a continuous stream of petition going up to heaven and laying our prayers at the Lord's feet. God is doing marvels!

Second is our new members. We soon hope to get a few of our freshmen an opportunity to write on Worth Fighting For. However, they will be using wordpress instead of blogspot. As soon as they are ready we will provide the link to their site. Meanwhile we will continue to read, learn, and write as time allows.

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