Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Next? -Continued-

This last article got fairly long so I split it into two.

Now here is what I don't understand. Abortion is a massive industry in this country alone. Why then must pro-choice activists still behave so radically? Why must they lie about pro-lifers as if we were wolves in sheeps clothing? In other words, what more do they want? They have money. They have government support. They have influence and reputation favored by millions of Americans. Yet they continually struggle as if they were the minority and persecuted by those who disagree with them.

"...what do antis think they’re doing for their movement by being hostile and divisive?"

"I call them anti-choice advocates because that is what they are."

"Abortion providers are on the front lines of the critical struggle to ensure that abortion is safe and accessible. They regularly defend women's lives and health against aggressive abortion opponents seeking to deprive women access to safe abortion care."

"I find it insulting how everybody is "anti-choice" and interested in destroying women's rights and whatnot..."

"On Ash Wednesday, a traditional day for believers to repent, anti-choicers kicked off the “40 Days for Life” protests, so believers can avoid focusing on their own sin and instead scream at others for perceived sexual sin, while also avoiding thinking about their own mortality by demanding others give life against their will."

These and many more quotes available on our friend the Internet (just as a side, if you read these kinds of articles and look at the comments below them you may notice a lot of language being used to emphasize points. I noticed a lot of f-bombs among other things, which goes to show the anger displayed on these pages).

How far is the pro-choice movement willing to go? Will they be satisfied once every woman in the country decides to have abortions as an alternative to raising children? Will those who care about babies' lives have to be utterly silenced and forgotten so that peace may reign? Or is it that PP feels the pro-life movement is its biggest business competitor? Maybe we should give St. Joseph's hospital a new name. I like Women's Rights Hospital myself. -

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