Sunday, December 5, 2010


I know I keep harping on 40 Days For Life, but...who cares? Out of all Pro-life organizations it is definitely one to keep in touch with. Does this following article fit into my series which you're probably dying to be done with by now? Yes, but this is an argument with your own mind rather than a fellow human being.

A few weeks ago, about the same time that the words "Seattle abortion clinic shut down" caught my eyes, I was told that 40 DFL had saved 9 lives through prayer and petition. All said and done, one might be tempted to be discouraged. "After all," you think, "aren't millions of abortions actively supported annually in the U.S. alone?"

To teenagers the ratio of nine to millions is quite a gap. As young people we tend to view the world subjectively and not consider those few children that were saved. But think about it for a moment. In a few years nine will have turned into nineteen, then thirty-five, then fifty, etc. This brings up an interesting question: just how many lives were saved? The number could be endless.

Do not think there are slim pickings among the fruits of our labor. Such doubting leads to despair and leaves a person wondering why he even bothers being actively Pro-life. This is one of those times that the future is on our side. I by no means want to disregard or forget those babies who have suffered at the hands of abortionists, but it is still very possible one day to tip the scales of the number of aborted children versus the ones who were saved. Wouldn't it be something if just those nine babies started it all?

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