Thursday, February 24, 2011

Faulty Premise=Faulty Bill

I have an article below this one summarizing House Bill 1366. If I missed anything important let me know (I actually have a copy of it). Don't read this article until you've read the bill.

Now to look at each section of House Bill 1366 in a little more detail.

Section 1: Notice that limited service pregnancy centers is a universal concept. If I were to introduce a new pregnancy service provider but only have half the recources or services as Planned Parenthood, I would have to undergo the following restrictions/applications as Care Net if this bill and others like it were to pass. Notice also that abortion providers like Planned Parenthood or abortion promoters like NAF (national abortion federation) have subtly set themselves as the pregnancy service standard. Why? Because PP supposedly isn't "limited." Nowhere in this bill do PP or other aboriton providers have to undergo the same requirements.

Section 2: I agree that Health Care is important and that private information must be protected, but here's the problem. "Some limited service pregnancy centers have misled people about the nature of their services and improperly used patient health care information." This is a direct quote. Now I as an observer would like to know HOW limited service pregnancy centers (LSPC's) have deserved this accusation. Be specific! Understand that this is THE premise for the entire bill. It could just as well have read, "Since some LSPC's have misled people about their services and improperly used patient health care information, they must..." And another thing, notice the big word "some." Are there any LSPC's in particular they would care to mention?

"Limited pregnancy centers operating in WA state must provide truthful information about services they offer and properly respect a person's health care information." I love hypocritical statements like these. Have you seen the youtube video a couple articles below this one? It would be a nice thing to check up on.

Section 3: These are definitions applied to the rest of the bill.

1. "Comprehensive birth control services" means the medical evaluation and care related to the prescription or provision of contraceptive drugs/devices, and includes the provision of nondirective counseling on methods and efficacy of contraception, and the prescription or provision of contraceptive drugs or devices." Blahblahblah.

2. "Limited service pregnancy center" means an organization that advertises, offers, or provides pregnancy tests/ultrasounds, and information about adoption or abortion, whether for a fee or as a free service, but does not provide the following: prenatal medical care, comprehensive birth control services, and abortion or referrals for abortion. "LSPC" does not include health care entities licensed under Title 18 RCW, hospitals and entities licensed under Title 70 RCW, or health care providers licensed under Title 18 RCW. A LSPC remains subject to provisions of this chapter notwithstanding the presence of a licensed health care provider in the governance of, on the staff of, or acting as a volunteer with the LSPC. Whew! Told you I couldn't summarize it!

3. "Primary languages" means the most frequently spoken languages in the county in which the LSPC is located, and includes at a minimum English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, and Chinese. (This part about "primary languages" is particularly important for future reference.)

Okay, why am I listing all of this for you? It's to show how these people target limited service pregnancy centers specifically. Once they are sure that LSPC's are misguiding people, they are very detailed in their requirements. We'll proceed with the next sections shortly.

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