Friday, February 25, 2011

Bill Critique Continued

Now for the rest of the bill.

Section 4: Now this point has been made multiple times, including at the state capital when this bill was proposed in front of the committee.

Let's say you went to go buy just a plain old cheeseburger at a fast food resteraunt. You go up to the counter knowing what you want, but before you ask for the burger the cash register lady gives you a menu with the following: "We do not sell indian food, pizza, fettuccini alfredo, frog legs, wines, beer, or any order in the realm of the disgusting besides Doctor Pepper. We do not provide anything other than food and beverages. We do not..." You get the point. Not only that, you noticed on the way in a ridiculous poster on the wall with the entire menu of what they DO provide, eventhough it's clearly visible above the counter. On top of that, the poster is in six or seven different languages.

Section 5: These precautionary measures can be beneficial, but again, what is the reason to enforce them by law if Care Net did not violate them?

Section 6: If none of the previous sections have made your blood boil, this one should. If this section passes Care Net will likely go bankrupt in a matter of months. Notice that there aren't any provisions defending Care Net. And it wouldn't matter if these same ridiculous figures were required of Planned Parenthood to pay because of its multi-million dollar industry. Care Net on the other hand is non-profit.

Section 7: This is a small taste of politics. Of course, if pro-abortionists don't get all that they want, at least they'll get some or most of it.

Section 8: For those of you who are wondering, Title 70 RCW is a title on Washington State public health and safety.

Now it's very likely that this bill will not pass the House and Senate. It is so badly written and "full of holes" that pro-abortionists would have a tough time supporting it. Problem is, they'll just make a new one next year, and the next year, and the next year, until something does pass. So the battle isn't over even if this bill is struck down.

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