Sunday, February 13, 2011

Care Net Crisis

House Bill 1366 is the newest approach pro-abortionists have taken action against our Care Net centers. The issues in this particular bill are being debated upon in our state of Washington, but there are many forms of it circulating around the country. I have the bill right here in front of me and I will try my very best to summarize it for you.

Section 1: This chapter may be known and cited as the limited service pregnancy center accountability act.

Section 2: Seeking or obtaining health care is fundamental to public health and safety; Health care information is personal and if improperly used may do significant harm to the patient; and some limited service pregnancy centers have misled people about the nature of their services and improperly used patient health care information.

Limited pregnancy centers operating in WA state must provide truthful information about services they offer and properly respect a person's health care information.

Section 3: (This section is beyond my ability to summarize without rewriting it in its entirety. It provides definitions used in the rest of the bill, which we will cover in a later article.)
Section 4: A limited service pregnancy center shall make the following disclosures to those who seek services: 1. a)doesn't provide abortion/birth control services; b)does not give referrals to abortion providers/birth control services; c) does not provide medical care for pregnant women. 2. they must also provide verbally and in writing information about their services in all primary languages, thirty-point font size +, on eight and one-half inch by eleven inch paper +, posted inside and outside the building. 3. a LSPC (limited service pregnancy center) shall inform visitor that the pregnancy test is an over-the-counter product and may be self-administered.
Section 5: 1. A LSPC may not disclose health care information to any but the owner without recipient's written authorization. 2. A LSPC shall provide person tested with a free written statement of pregnancy test results in English and in the person's primary language immediately after completion of the test. 3. A LSPN shall provide a recipient's recorded health care information if requested for examination or copying, and inform recipient if it does not have said information.
Section 6: 1. Any person aggrieved by a violation of this bill may bring a civil action against a LSPC in SUPERIOR COURT to enjoin violations, recover damages sustained, together with costs of the suit and reasonable attorneys' fees. The court may, in its discretion, increase the award of damages to an amound not to exceed THREE TIMES the actual damages sustained. For the purpose of this section, "person" includes counties or other municipalities. 2. The court may in addition to damages impose on a liable party a civil fine of one thousand dollars max. to be paid to the plaintiff.
Section 7: If any part of this act is held invalid the remainder of the act is not affected.
Section 8: Section 1-7 of this act constitute a new chapter in Title 70 RCW.
House Bill 1366 passed the Committee on Health Care & Wellness Thursday Feb. 10, 2011. I assume it will now be debated in the House.

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