Friday, July 23, 2010

Concerns vs. Priorities

There may be some out there who have their priorities messed up. Here is a reminder of where real issues lie.

In our world today people have a range of concerns that are sometimes blown to the extreme. In the news media and talk radio stations, some of the largest of these concerns are British Petroleum, the American economy down the toilet, the democrats who didn’t keep their promises, and the republicans who sit on their butts wagging their fingers at the democrats. There’s the war in the Middle East, the North Korean missiles, etc. When I read or listen to things like these I have to say, “So what?” To say that the country’s economics are drastically changing is a mere distraction from something far more precious. Nations always rise and fall. What is more important, God‘s image, or politics? And what is more important, a child’s salvation, or the destruction of terrorists?

As I’ve done before, this article is particularly addressed to my family in Christ. One of the main reasons we as Christians fight abortion is that it is a desecration of God’s image. I’m going to take a slightly different route and explain another reason why we should fight to end abortion.

A secularist will not appreciate the deep importance of life, because he does not know what life is. The difference between us and him is that we look to a new Heaven and new earth at the last day. We believe in a thing called hell also. So it is not just the fleeting issues and concerns of the world today that are meaningful, but of the next. Let me ask my family this, are we looking to the spiritual life of the unborn as well as the mother?

Perhaps you‘re thinking, “But Jonathan, unborn babies don’t go to hell do they?” or even, “unborn babies are just unborn babies; they don’t go anywhere.”

Why you just brought up a great theological question! Do unborn babies go to heaven? Well I hope that by now you know when a baby is alive without me telling you directly (read LIFE 1&2 and RIGHTS: THE FALLACY Par. 6). Those articles are in answer to the latter statement. For the former question ‘do they go to hell?’ we have to read Ex. 20:6 (ESV). “You shall not bow down to them (idols) or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those (generations) who love me and keep my commandments.” While promising to show blessing to believing generations, yet it is still a warning to the unbeliever. And since an unborn baby himself is part of a generation, if he is of unsaved parents and never born, I wouldn’t be the least surprised if that child is damned. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a judge of who is saved and who is lost. No man is. Neither can man by himself save the spiritual life of a mother or child. But what if through the prevention of an abortion the mother, baby, or both receive not just material life, but true life from God through the working of His servants? To say, “Oh, let God deal with that abortion thing,” is foolhardy. Let us instead be instruments of God’s will, preserving His image and ministering to those who do not know Him.

So, what are you going to be concerned about? The close friend across the street considering having an abortion, or your next favorite presidential nominee getting the vote? Will you prioritize more on fighting the scandalous statements of death clinics like Planned Parenthood, or listening to the frenzied radio hosts batter the opposite political party to a bloody pulp? Your choice. God’s will. Their lives.

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