Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Time for War

I don't make a habit of doing this, however I was very pleased when Eroica came up to me some time ago and gave me this poem she had just written. For those of you who don't know Eroica, she is always writing, reading, or playing violin/piano far beyond her requirements and enjoys it all. She's enthusiastic about almost everything (a trait that many of us sadly don't have).

We mourn our soldiers when we learn
Of war and death in distant lands;
But who will mourn the infants here
Who die by legal doctors' hands?

We watch our boys stand strong and brave
Against the foe in battle's fray,
But care not for the child so small
That never sees the light of day.

The tiny hands, the tiny face
Are formed in fearful symmetry;
What evil must possess our hearts
To take a life so thoughtlessly?

The unborn child has no defense,
No plea for life to be ignored.
Unloved, deprived and coldly slain,
Alone he meets the Jordan's ford.

America, you were a star-
Your children were the world's light.
How far a nation has to fall
To claim abortion is a right!

The justice that this country dealt
Now silences the unborn voice
And tells our shamefaced teenagers
That murder is their only choice.

Our soldier boys have foreign wars,
But we have battles here to fight;
Like them we make a worthy stand
To fight against abortion's blight.


  1. This is just....amazing...amazing and true. I could feel the heartbreak in the poem. Great job Eroica