Saturday, September 11, 2010

Conversation: The Bad Kind

Even though I’ve just started on this series it can be difficult to pick illustrations that are not only applicable but also within reason. This next article will be drawn not just from informative imagination but from experience.

Let’s say that somebody has unabashedly decided to ignore my warning about gossip (don‘t worry, I‘ll forgive them). In fact it’s not just one but two people firing comments about an issue over a friend. You unhappily are caught in crossfire as you pass by. I have nothing against people with the names Sarah and Kim, but for the illustration’s sake we’ll use these ones.

Sarah: “Can you believe that…broke up with her boyfriend?”
Kim: “No way! What is she going to do with the baby?”
Sarah: “Do you think she of all people is going to let her parents know? They’ll flip!”
Kim: “Totally, I mean with that kind of problem she should have an abortion really soon.”
Sarah: “She’s such a moron! If she handled things better this might not have happened.”
Kim: “I mean, what if she actually…”

As you exit the premises you hear the two of them giggling. Now I have not heard conversation like this in the same context, but in some ways it was very similar and just as repugnant. But you’re probably thinking, “Yea, I’ve heard this one before. Beware of Lady Folly. Get the point over with Jonathan.” Ha!

Actually this isn’t a story about Sarah and Kim. Replace these two with masculine or one masculine and feminine name of your preference (say…John and Ryan) and read the script over again. Does it seem even more ugly than the original? Why or why not? And has anyone ever heard a guy’s giggle? I have.

I’ll explain why this may be more repulsive than a Sarah/Kim incident and then we’ll discuss why you should do absolutely nothing. Zip, nada, nine. Let’s get started.

First, the facts.

I don’t care what your religious view point is on the matter, but to Christians the man is always the leader. Whether it is in the household or the church pulpit, men take the role of the higher authority. God created man first. God created a woman from a man. “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, His body, and is Himself its Savior (Eph. 5:22-23).” Am I sexist? No. Do men and women have equal rights? Yes, but men are the head. There are some distinctions between rights and leadership. We are to submit, “to one another out of reverence for Christ (Eph. 5:21).” What is my point? John and Ryan are the epitome of callousness. They have taken for granted what everyone except a few psychopath feminists knows to be true. It is contemptible for a man young or old to laugh at abortion and at the one responsible for it; ultimately the woman. I’ll reiterate my point with some statistics.

How much influence do you think males have in an abortion decision? This can be the father, grandfather, husband, boyfriend, etc. Statistics from polls as far back as 1987-1988 showed that 14.1% of women were encouraged (or threatened) to have an abortion by a family member(s) or partner of the opposite sex. That number rose to as much as 40% in 2003 and is currently hanging (to the disappointment of some) at about 39-43% (Although some sources claim higher). I say they’re disappointed because, whoever they are, they prefer more men to take a stand with the pro-abortion feminists. To me, numbers haven’t dropped significantly enough. Think about it. 40% of millions of abortions have been induced by men who care nothing for God’s image. In spite of that, whether they know it or not, John and Ryan can only jeer.

Now here might be the hard part. Whether it is Sarah and Kim or John and Ryan, have nothing to do with this discussion. Many will feel obligated to butt in (I know I would), but you may not know the subject of the discussion, nor have you heard the entirety of it. Perhaps you misheard. And even if somehow you did hear the whole discussion, do you think that people with minds as focused on mischief as these will listen to your well intentioned impromptu arguments? Not likely. Only God can change the heart.

I said before that you should do nothing, but the one thing you should do is pray. Pray for the victim of the conversation. Pray for the gossipers behaving badly. Pray that the Lord will pour out His saving grace like a waterfall on every one of these people. Don’t be surprised if you see results.

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