Friday, September 24, 2010


It’s a shame I didn’t remember to post this sooner, but here is a look at our schedule for tomorrow.

We plan to participate in the annual 4US event Sep. 25 at Owens Beach in Tacoma. If you are not familiar with this particular organization here are some informational tidbits to gather:

4US is split into many events from riding, to running, to reading, to baking. Its primary concern is to raise money to buy advanced ultrasound equipment for Care Net pregnancy centers (especially in the Puget Sound area). Participants must register since it is a fund raiser and can then join the pancake breakfast or whatever precedes the activities.

To learn more about future events hosted by 4US and how to contact them or donate, visit

Also, if you know of any other pro-life movement such as 4US in your area please let us know. Not everything happens in Tacoma or Seattle and perhaps we or our readers will find out how to participate in your events.


  1. Good job at the 4US event today guys.
    Great to see you out there.

  2. Thank you! We are glad you visited!