Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yes, we know that abortion is killing off our species, but we may not expect it to be so bad so soon. What is actually happening is that a race is being killed off rapidly at this moment. Abortions performed in the black community are 3x those performed in the white community, and 2x those performed in all other races combined. As shown by this graph (above; statistics from they are on their way to extinction. 458,500 of those are killed by abortion. Should we just stand by while these people are dying off?

Not only are abortion providers doing this, but encouraging it as well! Georgia Right to Life has begun a campaign to bring these facts before the community. Eighty of these billboard signs (above) have been placed in Georgia to open it no apostrophe! s eyes. This procedure makes me wonder if they are performing abortions on the black community because of their race. If this is so, and Obama is supporting this, it is against the racial tolerance already built up. Either way, abortion is not the solution, but the source of the problem.

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