Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Operation Conversion

Whether or not this video is "news" is irrelevant because the concerned individual is still very much in the business of taking innocent lives. The outrage of the fact that he--of all people who know (or should know) the value of human life--so blatantly defies God's law in order to profit under the guise of humanitarian compassion for women has not been surpassed in any sickening age of the world.

On the official Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health website, Dr. Boyd is quoted as follows: "It's work that I'm very proud of. I have never experienced a greater level of gratitude from patients or the feeling that I made a real difference in their life, and really in the life of our society. So the work has been satisfying. It's never ceased to feel rewarding and to feel that I'm doing something good and something important."

Experienced gratitude from patients? I'll bet he's never asked a dead child.
A difference in their life? I'm sure. (see What a Pain. and Psychological Aftermath below)
A difference in society? Definitely. (see Numbers below) Well, let's be glad he feels good about himself.

It is more than tempting to despair when faced with such tragedy; and yet the most powerful counteraction to the Devil's designs is prayer. It was through prayer that God worked to save Abby Johnson, once a Planned Parenthood director who now prays against abortion. On her website, under "OPERATION CONVERSION," Johnson makes a special request to fellow Christians:
"Please pray for Dr. Curtis Boyd. Dr. Boyd provides abortion services up to 30 weeks gestation. He employs many late term abortionists to work for him at his facility. He currently works in the state of New Mexico. Please commit with me to pray for Dr. Boyd and cover him in prayer every day for 7 days. This is not a call to contact him or his facility.

**Please post this on your Facebook wall, send to your prayer groups, talk to your minister, post on a prayer chain, or do whatever you can to get this message out. The goal is to have as many people praying for this physician at one time. We know the power of prayer is amazing and can change any heart. Thank you for your commitment!"

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