Monday, November 8, 2010

Concerns vs. Priorities poem

(Metrical summary of Concerns vs. Priorities post below)

Oh, hear me, America, nation so proud:
Have you not enough wealth to be glad?
Why then do you feed on the flesh of your young,
Drink their blood, as if needy or mad?

If there were no God we would leave you alone—
But supposing He's actually there?
Would you care that each day He sent babies to hell
Whom you killed for complacency's fare?

Now, perhaps in His mercy He lets them go free
And forgives them their part in the Fall;
But to say this for sure is like claiming to hold
Heaven's key to its innermost hall.

Yes, we know that He's full of compassion and love,
But we oughtn't presume upon grace;
We know that He punishes children for sins
Of the parents who seek not His face.

Say you He's unjust? Look around you and see
The injustice of our circumstance;
How the souls of the unborn are sold for our ease
And are given no voice and no chance.


  1. Did you write that poem? if not, where did you get it? Its amazing!

  2. Eroica, one of our team members, did write that poem. I shall pass your comment on to her! Thank you for visiting!!